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Favorite Audio

Flashpoint (Spurgin) Heavy Metal Song
First to Die Heavy Metal Song
Heroes of War Heavy Metal Song
Thrill (Spurgin) Heavy Metal Song
Stay True to your Heart Heavy Metal Song
Brothers in Arms (Spurgin) Heavy Metal Song
-It is a lie!- Techno Song
-Swampland- Miscellaneous Song
-Ricochet Love- Drum N Bass Song
-Control: Mind- Techno Song
-Monsterbreaks- Techno Song
-Cannibal- Techno Song
goofy loop. Techno Loop
My Destination Video Game Song
-RocketRace- Drum N Bass Song
-protoss rocks out!- Techno Song
Helix - Archetype Industrial Song
Castle Crashers Menu Loop Hip Hop - Modern Loop
*Darkest Shadow* / ZeRo BaSs Dance Song
-Fantasyquest- Video Game Loop
-Heavy machine rythm- Techno Song
-Chaotic- Techno Song
Garden Party Miscellaneous Song
Mario World :platform on speed Video Game Song
Impetuous Force General Rock Song
-Race around the moon- Video Game Song
-Carrots- Dance Song
-Orr- Four Brave Champions Classical Loop
Tea and Crumpets Brit Pop Song
-Timeless Mountains- Video Game Loop
-BeatFever- Techno Song
-Clownparty remix- Dance Song
-Orange- Video Game Song
F.U.2 Issue 1 - Morax Video Game Loop
-Jumper- Video Game Song
Armed Prophet: Zombies Video Game Loop
Epixture Trance Song
Narwhals Tune Dance Song
-The show- Video Game Loop
Tricky's Song Video Game Song
-Space pirates- Techno Song
Acoustica Classic Rock Song
nomnomnomnomnomnomnom General Rock Song
When We're Rollin' Hip Hop - Modern Song
Through the storm Hip Hop - Olskool Song
Tetris Remix [Revamped](Final) Video Game Song
Call it Love - Champius Rmx Dance Song
Calliope Techno Song